Porting to .NET Core

May 9 at 9:38 PM
Not much has happened with the source code for this library in a long time, it seems, but I'm interested in porting it - or building something that works very similarly to it - to .NET Core.

I tried just naively copying the source files into a new .NET Core solution and fixing all the compiler errors. Most of it actually worked quite fine, but two pieces of code in particular made a working port more difficult to create than I had hoped. Both are related to this issue: https://github.com/dotnet/coreclr/issues/10199

The TickSpec code in question (linking to github because it's easier to refer to line numbers there):
I don't know enough about the inner workings to know how to work around this; perhaps it's possible to utilize Roslyn for generating the code, and avoid having to emit IL altogether?

It would be great to come in contact with someone who has some deeper knowledge about how this package works, to help make it survive into the next generation of the .NET and F# ecosystem.
May 11 at 6:28 AM
Hi - unfortunately I know zero about your actual question.
However, I did port the codebase to git and I know Phil is happy to have someone who is [more] actively using it maintain it - probably best to contact him on twitter.

See http://github.com/bartelink/tickspec for the port - please feel free to take and do as you will from my side.
May 11 at 4:32 PM
Nice! I also found this: https://github.com/neoeinstein/TickSpec and cross-posted this question (https://github.com/neoeinstein/TickSpec/issues/2) but I haven't heard anything back there yet.