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Project Description
A lightweight Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework. Describe behaviour in plain text using the Gherkin business language, i.e. given, when, then. Easily execute the behaviour against matching F# tick methods (let ``tick method`` () = true) or attributed C# or F# methods.

Simply reference TickSpec via Nuget, download the assembly or build the project from source.
TickSpec works in Visual Studio 2008, 2010 & 2012 and supports both .Net and Silverlight projects.

Feature specification (Plain text)

Feature: Refunded or replaced items should be returned to stock

Scenario 1: Refunded items should be returned to stock
	Given a customer buys a black jumper
	And I have 3 black jumpers left in stock 
	When he returns the jumper for a refund 
	Then I should have 4 black jumpers in stock 

Step definitions (F#)

let mutable stockItem = { Count = 0 }

let [<Given>] ``a customer buys a black jumper`` () = ()
let [<Given>] ``I have (.*) black jumpers left in stock`` (n:int) =  
    stockItem <- { stockItem with Count = n }
let [<When>] ``he returns the jumper for a refund`` () =  
    stockItem <- { stockItem with Count = stockItem.Count + 1 }
let [<Then>] ``I should have (.*) black jumpers in stock`` (n:int) =     
    let passed = (stockItem.Count = n)

Step definitions (C#)

public class StockStepDefinitions
   private StockItem _stockItem;

   [Given(@"a customer buys a black jumper")]
   public void GivenACustomerBuysABlackJumper()

   [Given(@"I have (.*) black jumpers left in stock")]
   public void GivenIHaveNBlackJumpersLeftInStock(int n)
      _stockItem = new StockItem() { Count = n };  

   [When(@"he returns the jumper for a refund")]
   public void WhenHeReturnsTheJumperForARefund()
      _stockItem.Count += 1;

   [Then(@"I should have (.*) black jumpers in stock")]
   public void ThenIShouldHaveNBlackJumpersInStock(int n)
      Debug.Assert(_stockItem.Count == n);

Contributions are welcome, particularly examples and documentation. If you have an issues or suggestions please report on the Issues list or Discussions. If you'd like to contribute to the code base please get in touch via e-mail (phill at trelford dot com) or on Twitter.

TickSpec builds continuously with TeamCity on CodeBetter's CI Server.

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